Recruit Photos With Blackburn Firemen 1980s

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Recruit Photos With Blackburn Firemen 1980s

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  • I don’t know whether or not this will be any clearer Karl but I shall give it a try. — with Wayne Sutcliffe.
    Mark McCracken Yep. Can see myself??

    Kevin Gibson Good stuff! ??

    Karl Sorfleet Its loads better kev thanks
    Kevin Gibson No worries glad to assist!

    Mark McCracken Good to see, but don’t miss it one bit??

    Sharon Redhead We might be missing the uniform it does it for some women ONLY saying Ella

    Karl Sorfleet Was a good time for me

    James Briggs That’s better. I look about 10.

    Karl Sorfleet You was about 10

    Sharon Redhead Is that you with the blue light on your head Mark

    Heidi Peachy Brown Looking dapper boys x

    Amber Bannon Are you in this photo Wayne Sutcliffe? I can’t spot you cuz!

    Karl Sorfleet He’s end of the back row on the left as you look at it

    John Ingham Pete Livesey RIP, John Lund, Willy Wisset! Smoothy Boothy, Carpy, Kevin Gibson, Scud! Star Team!

    Wayne Sutcliffe yep thats me end of back row. Lots of grey hair appeared since then:)

    Mark McCracken replied · 1 Reply

    Martin Donnelly Kevin, is that you sat next to Mark?
    Like · Reply · 10 hrs

    Kevin Gibson It is indeed Martin!

    By stephen brown (13/01/2019)

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