Crummockwater 2006 White And Blue Canoeing

A days canoeing on the Crummockwater in 2006

Stephen Brown

Around this time the favourite pastime was canoeing, especially on an adventure where camping was an option. A trailer was to carry all the canoes was designed and made by some of the guys on the station with monies provided from the fire station welfare club. Many of the personnel on all watches took advantage of the canoes , taking them all over but especially the lakes . Later we went a bit further afield to Scotland but that’s another story to put on the site. We camped out in tents and a boathouse which to say the least was a bit draughty , a days canoeing and then a hike to the local pub. You may wonder why in some of the photos everyone is wearing the same pullover, the rest of the party decided that my pullover looked daft and so took photos to show their feelings. It was and is still one of my favourites. On leaving the pub to walk back it was the darkest you could imagine no moonlight and no street lights hence the torches that some had and others didn’t , and to finish off sausage breakfast you cannot beat it. Another great day and a great memory

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  • We were just giving it its annual test mate, it passed

    By stephen brown (06/01/2015)
  • Tut tut Steve what’s with using a operational Salvage Sheet for camping ha ha.

    By Bob France (05/01/2015)

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