Flooding In The Northwest

Worst floods in lifetime

Floods hit the northwest with a vengeance in November and December 2015, many areas of Lancashire, Cumbria,  Yorkshire and the Lake district were underwater. These articles focus on Whalley , Darwen and Ribchester. Some old faces attended these incidents which involved many firefighters from across the Northwest . Many civilians, police armed forces and medical staff also attended, such was the magnitude of the devastation causing what may run into millions of pounds worth of damage when everything is added together

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  • Better go get a paper & get ya autograph cuz!!
    Great pic!! X

    By Rachel Cherryholme (12/01/2016)
  • you’ve always been a hero pal, this is gods way of showing everyone ??
    Great work pal. I reckon you should go for a pint in Whalley when it’s back up and running, you’ll get the red carpet treatment!

    By Shaun Mchugh (12/01/2016)
  • Wow front page of the times uncle sam and i were carried out of our home in 2007 by our local firemen and woman we were so glad to see them and we will be forever grateful to them for there kindness during and after the flood heroes all of you well done

    By Pauline Edwards-Brown (12/01/2016)
  • Well done ! Doing a great job much needed flooded areas

    By Paula Middlemas (12/01/2016)
  • Well done Paul Brown

    By Conrad Turner (12/01/2016)
  • Is Browny telling everybody he rescued he’s an Ironman

    By Les Thompson (12/01/2016)
  • About time you did some work Paul Brown. Slightly more manly than checking smoke alarms ??

    By Fred West (12/01/2016)
  • Well…looks like ive used up my 15 mins of fame…..would have liked it to be for winning the lottery or in a porn film…never mind…..and before anyone starts….they only had an x large suit left !!….anyway gotta go the model agency’s are on the phone already…….buns for me and che cottrelll

    By Paul Brown (12/01/2016)

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