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This project  is a scrapbook for all the people of Blackburn and the surrounding areas, to make sure memories, friends and relatives are remembered by future generations, we all have photographs , newspaper cuttings, documents, etc. don’t just let them fade away let us show them along with your thoughts. Just go to get involved it is easy choose a user name and password then start sending , it may not go on straight away but I promise we will try and get it on soon. all you serving firefighters get involved send us in some of your stories , photos help us be successful. There are many people out there who do not have access to computers or the internet ,especially some of the elderly please pass the word ask if they have any memories to pass on, if so either do it for them or to contact the number given or send to the fire station addressed to Stephen Brown phoenix project, anything lent to copy will be returned if required just include a return address


This page was added by stephen brown on 24/04/2014.

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  • Good to read/see this site up and running. I knew some of the firemen already mentioned on this site like Norman Halliwell who once helped me tremendously at a low point in my life, Chris Norse who always had time for me wherever we met, fire or social occasion. Although I was a Retained fireman at Gt Harwood I have many memories of Blackburn fire station and those guys mentioned.

    By Russell Davies (09/06/2014)
  • Great page Steve. come on everybody be part of the history of Blackburn Fire Station.

    By Bob France (25/04/2014)

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