Lancashire Fire Station Walk

a long trek for charity

Although not literally speaking about Blackburn this endeavour is well worth recording and has a Blackburn old boy taking part. phil Whittaker. Over to Phil, On Saturday July 2015 I will be setting off on a 175 mile trek around all of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services 39 fire stations in aid of The Firefighters Charity. Please donate at www.justgiving.comP-Whittaker1 if you can spare a few bob!! Thanks Well They did it 175 miles visited all 39 Fire stations in Lancashire AND reached their Target of £2000 WELL DONE Phil Neil & Wes and everyone else who joined them on the way.
this heads up with phil on top of hill.

I think we can all agree what a great achievement this was

Oswaldtwistle firefighter and colleagues walk to all 39 fire stations in Lancashire
15:18, 14 August 2015
By Tom Burnett
Three firefighters have successfully completed a charity walk to every fire station in the county.

Oswaldtwistle man Phil Whittaker and colleagues Neil Mark and Wes Truran raised £6,000 in the 175-mile walk to Lancashire’s 39 stations.

The trek took five days and was to raise money for the Firefighters Charity.

The charity helped Phil, 47, and wife Lyndsey after the loss of one of their children.

Phil, of Barnard Close, said the charity, founded during World War 2, still served an important role in helping firefighters injured in the line of duty.
He added: “Ten years ago we lost one of our triplets, Joshua, when he was just 10 months old and we went down to their recuperation centre in Devon for respite, which is what we needed.

“The medical staff at their centre in Penrith are fantastic.”

Phil said many firefighters came in to see them when they visited their stations.

He added: “They gave us donations and refreshments, which was great. It was quite heartwarming to see how the service had taken it to heart.”


Oswaldtwistle fire fighter Phil Whitaker (left), Neil Mark and Wes Truran with colleagues at Blackburn fire station
Oswaldtwistle fire fighter Phil Whitaker (left), Neil Mark and Wes Truran at Clitheroe Fire Station
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    I’ve walked the last 18 miles with these guys today. They have walked a total of 175 miles calling in at every fire station in Lancashire enroute. I am awe of their achievement. I am at home now with blisters and bruised toes (tripped at junction of Dill Hall Lane – good recovery though). God knows how they are feeling. Top lads today. Hope the Firefighter Charity benefits from this. Well done.

    By Anne Metcalfe (06/10/2015)
  • Throwing it down Sue Sharples !!

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Keep going fellas, top effort, and remember your skin is waterproof!!

    By Jonny Ashton (06/10/2015)
  • Is wes secretly promoting sudocrem?? Good effort men keep going

    By Mark Anthony Hoyle (06/10/2015)
  • All the best guys.

    27 July

    By John Cairns (06/10/2015)
  • My old town. Is it cold? You got your coats on!! Onwards and upwards eh – thinking of you xxx

    By Sue Sharples (06/10/2015)
  • Cheers Paul Aspin!!

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Brilliant phil I did 100km two years ago for oxfam hardest thing I’ve ever done but the most rewarding but still nothing like what your doing your a star keep it up mate well done.

    By Paul Aspin (06/10/2015)
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Tony Cavanagh (06/10/2015)
  • Now now tony, we are always up. Just got back from rtc.

    By Paul Webb (06/10/2015)
  • When you home?

    By Lyndsey Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Don’t wake them up in there Phil. Shhhhhhhhhh!

    By Tony Cavanagh (06/10/2015)
  • Thanks you very much Elaine Ward xx

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Well done Philip Whittaker keep going!!

    By Nicola Gaskarth Jones (06/10/2015)
  • You really are making progress now! Where’s the gang?

    By Simon Fryer (06/10/2015)
  • Just made our donation, good luck & well done ??

    By Elaine Ward (06/10/2015)
  • Whoop, come home xxx

    By Lyndsey Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • You’ll have to explain that one to me sometime!!

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Well he is a relative of ours!

    By Sue Sharples (06/10/2015)
  • Yes Sue he was the Station commander at Burnley whe I started!!

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • Hey Philip Whittaker did you know a Michael Coady

    By Sue Sharples (06/10/2015)
  • Nearly there well done

    By Paul Aspin (06/10/2015)
  • Like the stubble, you are all doing great

    By Marie Fairbrother (06/10/2015)
  • Just after lunch Jonny Ashton hopefully!!!

    By Philip Whittaker (06/10/2015)
  • What time you aiming to be at hyndburn tomorrow? I’ll meet you there!

    By Jonny Ashton (06/10/2015)
  • Wouldn’t hang about there either!

    By Anne Metcalfe (06/10/2015)
  • Keep going mate

    By Rowan Garbett (06/10/2015)
  • Fort Apache

    By Tony Cavanagh (06/10/2015)
  • Looking very wet ??

    By Garry Drinkwater (06/10/2015)
  • Well done mate and to all those who walked by your side. Fantastic effort

    By Rod Steele (06/10/2015)
  • Phil very well done,, you realy old person you LOL

    By Alex Wilson (06/10/2015)
  • Congratulations a fantastic effort from you all. Well done

    By Gordon Mitchell (06/10/2015)
  • Brilliant achievement by you all, respect! Enjoyed the last 14 miles with you, well done!

    By Jonny Ashton (06/10/2015)
  • Wow….I did a 15 mile run yesterday…stiff as!!!!..puts it into perspective what an achievement it was….well done all.

    By Paul Brown (06/10/2015)
  • Very well done to you all ! Well done Phil

    By Eamonn Higgins (06/10/2015)
  • Well done Phil (and t’others)-hope you get a well earned rest!

    By Tony Gaffney (06/10/2015)
  • Good effort mate, maybe carrying a ladder next year?

    By Phil Jones (06/10/2015)
  • tha,s had a shave lad!

    By Ian Walker (06/10/2015)
  • Well done Phil and his firemen xxx

    By Patricia Batt (06/10/2015)
  • Nearly there and by the looks of it….. The sun’s shining for you too!! Well done Phil, fantastic challenge and what an achievement !!

    By Suzanne Brown (06/10/2015)

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