White watch drilling 1990's

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White watch drilling 1990's

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  • In my opinion, this photo is more likely to be in the 1980’s. Judging from the cylinder covers on the BA sets which have no markings on and the lack of gloves being worn.
    I started in Jan 91 and all cylinder covers on fire stations were marked LANCS FB with the cylinder pressure indicated on and such covers were already well worn by then. Also, gloves were generally worn with BA by the time I started.

    By Stuart Darby (11/07/2014)
  • Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for comments I tend to agree another clue is the set cylinder strap which is metal during the 90s we were on Scott Sets which had webbing straps with plastic buckles of which I changed many during my time in BA Recovery. We changed to Draeger Sets in 2010 the year I finally called it a day
    Regards Bob France

    By Bob France (14/07/2014)

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