The Cavendish Night Club Fire 1972

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  • Well remembered Bob! I was a Fm at Accrington that night and we turned out “standby Blackburn” ,a regular run. As we travelled over Audley we were mobilized by control to “6 pump fire The Cavendish Club”. I couldn’t believe it, my wife and I had been up there only a few days before to see Vince Hill! In minutes I found myself at the top of the steps in Lord Square, rigged in Breathing Apparatus, along with colleague Les Bond, waiting to be sent in with a jet. Suddenly, I think it was the Deputy Chief John Hinnigan who appeared at the side of us, sounded the CO2 evacuation whistle and that was it. The 4 man BA team of Blue Watch Blackburn firemen came running out having had a lucky escape as the fire was overtaking them. It had become too dangerous for men to work inside and the fire was attacked overnight using Siamese Branches (ground monitors), the branch Les and I were on can just be made out in picture 4. For weeks afterwards, the Precinct shops immediately below the Club were closed owing to the danger of collapse. Every credit to Dave Lee in the watchroom on his own that night!
    Dave Bowers.

    By Dave Bowers (17/03/2015)
  • Off duty firemen who lived on ‘the yard’, Sumner St, Harrison St, Canterbury St. were called in by means of their house bells to assist by ferrying supplies to the fire ground. I was on site for about 10 hours and got a day off in lieu,( they didn’t like paying overtime in those days.)

    By Jim Fox (15/05/2014)

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