Bachelor Found In River

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Bachelor Found In River

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  • It is sad but I never got the chance to meet him.My mum was 6 months pregnant with me at the time. It was suprising to come across the article because ive searched the internet for information about him but found very little. Love this site very interesting.

    By Jane Tattersall (30/04/2016)
  • This was my dad and happened in 1973.

    By Jane Tattersall (29/11/2015)
  • Thanks Jane,
    History can be a double edged sword,In my case very good memories,but in your case terrible
    memories,I hope that the entry on to the Web Site has not caused you to many bad memories.
    Thanks a lot in taking time to comment,I am sure it cannot be easy for you.
    Regards Bob F Retired Firefighter.

    By Bob France (30/11/2015)

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