Bye Bye Paramedics 70's party

celebrating a fond farewell to the paramedics who have been sharing the fire station for several months

stephen Brown

This was a 1970’s fancy dress do to celebrate with the paramedics the end of their sharing the fire station with us , it was a shame as a lot of friendships were formed during these months with the paramedics having their station renovated. It certainly showed us how busy they are very rarely did they get the chance to finish a brew. As you can see the theme was the colourful 70’s thats yours truly making a rare appearance washing glasses. The station certainly seemed a lot quieter after they left

This page was added by stephen brown on 30/09/2014.

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  • I’d like to say I remember it all but the give away is me posing for a picture, which usually = very drunk

    By Louise Bamford (05/10/2014)
  • ha ha poodle I remember you walking home and losing ya hat ha

    By Miranda Maz Robinson (05/10/2014)
  • Looking good maz!!! Hahaha xxx

    By Tracy Robinson (05/10/2014)
  • Looking fit Miranda!

    By Sara Clough (05/10/2014)
  • Holy moly, wtf lol x

    By Louise Bamford · (05/10/2014)

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